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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Definition of Blur Tool in Photoshop and Types of Blur Tools

Blur tool is referred to as “focus” tool as it is used to soften edges within an image. Adult designers often use blur tools to smoothen uneven transition areas after retouching a human image. Blur tool is also used by an adult designer to reduce unwanted spots in skin areas. It is also used to hide or censor images.
Generally, blur tools are used to create a blur effect. When a blur tool is applied on an image, it lowers the contrast between affected pixels, thus making them appear blurred. In Photoshop, all relevant options related to blurring are located at the top of the workspace. There are various “brush options” used for blurring an image. For example, a soft blur brush will blur the image at varying strengths. The brush hardness and style determines the blur effect on the image. The latest Photoshop software boasts 7 blur tool options:

* Normal Blur: Creates a Standard Blur

* Lighten Blur: blurs and lightens the pixels in darker neighboring pixels

* Darken Blur: blurs and darkens pixels in light neighboring pixels

* Saturation Blur: creates variations in saturation while blurring an image

* Hue Blur: creates variations in hue while blurring an image

* Luminosity Blur: creates variations in luminosity while blurring an image

* Color Blur: creates variations in saturation and hue while blurring an image

An adult website designer makes good use of the strength option to choose the extent of the blur strokes to blur pixels. Generally, adult website designers choose a medium strength percentage to blur image pixels. For ease of use the workspace settings are saved in case the same settings need to be applied in future.
Blur tools are also very beneficial for escort website
designers to hide facial images or smooth uneven transitions. It is a perfect tool for adult web site designers who know the right moves to utilize these tools.

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